Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A Supplication

Moonlight - Steven Sharp Nelson (inspired by Beethoven\'s Moonlight Sonata) The Piano Guys MP3 Download

To the farthest coldest place with in my heart, I had gone. Those were trips I made at the end of each disappointment, in hopes of finding solace in not feeling any more. You brought me back out of them. You took me to new heights. You told me that in patience was my reward. I travel today, back and forth from those cold regions of my heart, to the warm little corner of hope where in my faith delivers a lesson every day reassuring me of Your Promise. The dark and lonely places that Satan and his goons talk me into visiting; in them I remain not for long. Throughout my lost trips thus - You have been my Savior, my Pacifier, my Giver, my Sustainer, my Source of Infinite Strength. In You I lodge my desire to find that someone to share myself with; someone whom only You can Design and Bless me with. Someone who wants me as I am, because that is Your Plan, and You always and always Know best. To You I beseech, and from Your Bounty I beg for the blessing of such a righteousness that will save me from my nafs, allowing me to enjoin with a similarly aspiring someone on a journey of this life; leading to an eternity designed by the Best of Planners, You  Subhaaná wataÁllah!

InÁllaha maásaábireén... InÁllaha maásaábireén... InÁllaha maásaábireén... again and again and again, on repeat I remind my weak self. To tears I will not reduce myself. In tears I will not linger, for You are Abound, and I can't possibly fall weak when You are Waiting for me to fall into Your Assurance of Peace. Just a little more patience, I remind myself... Just a little more duá, and a little more faith. In their wake - sabr - duá - a'qida - lies my happiness, inshaAllah... 


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