Monday, 8 August 2011

You Are What You Make Yourself... ?

Insipidness rolls and lolls, and within it's dumbstruck numbness is confined an immeasurable restlessness... An absurd feeling so non tangible and inexplicable, that the mind wants to shut down into a vacant mode, for time not bound by any human standards. Waiting for a 'that' that seems not to be happening, hoping on a 'one' which is not available, wanting every 'this' that the mind cannot seem to fathom - thus rushing back into the mystical painfulesque numbness that has become a sturdy safe shell of abode for now... hovering be as it may.

You, are what you make yourself. To become it, that what you want to, is on the road ahead; albeit with no guarantees.

Hasbey Allaho Wanemal Wakeel...

Khair inshaAllah.

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