Sunday, 10 July 2011

He was Alexander; The Defender of Man

When I think of you
I think of all the ships that have since, docked and then set sail
Leaving disturbed waters in their lonesome wake
It is now at such a time, each time
I think of you when I think of love,
For only in your care had I truly had it;
Love, respect, adoration, et all
When I think of me today,
Many a test yet still I have to pass
You are my sin, which to date
I fear to be tested with - again!
For, you are my weakness

And my heart for you silently
Shall forever somewhere uselessly cry,
With a guileless facade I here exist
Battling calmly with the me that I think I am,
Or perhaps the me that I think I am,
Or perhaps yet still, wish and hope I am.
You've stood shakenly resilient

Through my decade of 'these such' trials
And from thus afar in a moment of wily slumber
And a shore of once when we were together before,
I think of you with that tiny morsel of my heart
That now to those mainly foreign feelings still
Surreptitiously beats in such tiny moments - Alas!


sowmya said...

soulful piece!
keep writing & smiling always :)
nice one!

KP said...

hmm... soulful and amazing poem..

Hayaah said...

Dear Readers, S & KP, thank you thank you and thank you. It's an attacked by memories that found an escape, kind of post - this. It's soulfulness came through to you as readers, this means a lot to me.

Appreciate your taking the time to read and write in too.