Monday, 9 May 2011

Delicately Plotted Lies

To have the ground pulled out from beneath your feet... To have been lied to...
When you felt that all in your world was right, 'cos in that one soul you entrusted all of your strife,
And for that one soul - you nearly gave away your still young and naive (or so now it seems) life,
Only to find that everything he'd said, shared, and put in visible sight,
Had been nothing but distorted, preplanned cards of his lies, and a non existent semi-life.
How much of what he'd said, had morsels of truth in it?
How much of what you thought were his kids, his feuds - really true?
From the looks of it, your heart in vain, in that time had sat down to pine.
From your findings post hankerings today - all of it had been vines and vines and just more vines,
Full of contorted lies, lies, and some more lies - that he'd been using to fill up with images devised just for your eyes,
And all this, his time and moment today, were at peace with despite crossing ethical ties...
While on a chance or fluke, let's call it, you fell upon a link today - leaving your suspicions aghast,
Stared on you did, at what was printed in fine ink - your eyes from behind a layer of un-shed dew,
Saw it all - Alas! What you had been lovingly fed; a meticulously prepared broth of deceitful stew!
She was proof of his loins, no more did I wish to find out any more...
Was my reality back then fabricated, a partial convenience, or who knows in how many parts true?
No more him or of him did I want my mind to think, or my heart care - No, damn sure no more!
All thoughts of him, as they used to stand and did too, until today,

Dear Mind, you must please eliminate them from the core of your all,
Their disgrace and everything that in it's lieu, has in your life happened, 

From this moment on, must be made to decease; no more be thought of, or in any way thus spewed.

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