Saturday, 26 March 2011

Sabr! E-Illahi !!!

Sense pervades... silence resonates... the within is amassed into confusion... the system ignites... the body it fights... resilience begins to administer, but doesn't always succeed. Some fights are fought, some battles lost, some victories stand hollow despite succeeding. Emotions at loss, pains that last, families are stricken yet standing. Generations mean nothing sometimes, all gets wiped out, and nothing remains... no one to even remember.Your battles with in, you fight fear, you wont let it creep in, but disease listens only to Allah, and to Him we must surrender. In hidden signs, lies the better good. In resilient faith stands the test of time. In patience hides real strength. All things Good or Bad in this lifetime are but for so long...Tomorrow, is but a breath away from not happening, and yet - Tomorrow is but a breath away from how we choose for it to become. It all depends on how we see it, and how much we are blessed to see. It all hangs in the balance of how much we open our hearts, minds, eyes, ears and souls to accept.

To Him we belong and to Him is our return. May it be smooth, may it be bountiful, with Right on our side through this ragged, jagged, mysterious journey. And while on this traipse, we beg: Sabr - E - Illahi !!!


Sanaa said...

I love the direction in which your words have been flowing as of late! <3

Hayaah said...

I <3 that you approve my lil voice of good reason :)