Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Parakeet He Called Me Now...

Fidelity by Regina Spektor

The pain we hide with in our chests
Buried deep out of reach; our treasured mess?
The woes laid down away from sight
Quietened, flattened - no more to be reminisced
The multi-layered tired abyss
Our unique heavy bundles of all this
The many questions unanswered, all
Silently filed and compiled into lists
The pain we hide away un-kissed
One such paid me an unexpected visit
In the evening about two hours past six
And with it caught me by surprise
While pleasant for a change I know it was
Hurt like crazy it left me 
Crying in a mess I lay and sobbed
Then back to sobriety 
Chanting revered verses I cajoled myself 
On to dreary work from which I had recessed...

... Hushing and locking the pain away,
In its familiar quiet dungeon 
To be perhaps (but hopefully not)
Visited again on some weary day.

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