Monday, 14 February 2011

The Moving...

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss:: Please Read the Letter

It was coming to her in bits and pieces - where, when, little nothings had been said. Another piece of furniture lost it's leg. Out another box got carried away. Another curtain got taken down and resolutely packed away. The show on display was full of life while she on the inside quietly watched in detached numbed silence from a sideline of sorts.

'' Would the tears come another day? Would they come at all, or had their reasons to flow been numbed for time untold? ''

It all remained a tiny mystery for life to unfold some day in the future perhaps. With an impatient shrugging aside of her own futile thoughts, she dragged her thoughts back to reality and talked herself to get some sleep in order to face another day of quiet madness that her life had become. She did remember to thank her blessings before she restlessly passed out.


Saibal Barman said...

Without attempting to click and hear the music I enjoy brief, elegant piece of well it to read such an innocently passionate reflection of mind that binds both pain and pleasure into one single entity--life !
Great shaing, my friend !
Take care,

Hayaah said...

As always, its a pleasure all mine to have you drop in with your words of encouragement and praise. I enjoy your visits, and assure you they are very dear and humbling! Thanks for managing to find time,

Best wishes,
~ H :)