Monday, 10 January 2011

The Goods in the Bads

Perched on my window, I watch from the inside as all things transpire. Some things feel like they are running in slow motion before me while I stand watching; a non participant - and at other times things that happen do so too fast for me to be able to stop and comprehend them in all their entirety; I am left humbled and sometimes also rather stupefied. Emotions have to be one of the extremes, the middle ground screaming of monotony there by not piped about with fervour - for now at least. Restless souls that we undoubtedly are, are moved by the words and thoughts of some participating few that exist around us...

... Why?

Perhaps because of the very nature of them, pleasant words and thoughts that is, being totally unexpected! Such little humbling happy moments are but ones to be wholesomely treasured for they are the little blessings that this life has to offer. We more often than not, pass them on by in a skip of a heart beat, never finding grace with in us to stop and appreciate or be thankful! May such moments never stop unfolding, every now and then, as reminders of the little gifts that we ought to revel in.

Thank you Allah swt for blessing my life with people of hearts, people with a conscience, people who know kindness and use it, people who don't just preach but live with honesty, people who stop to show they care when all else around is chaos personified manifold!


Saibal Barman said...

It is truly what He loves to see us to be...He loves us even if we fail...yes, when we don't even attempt to do anything good...for HE is HIM all hatred, all evil, all sin turn into one single infinite self...LOVE.
One who realises it early is only fortunate to feel the mirth of being in closeness of such profundity of LOVE.
This is an inspiring post...both for who are trying to be nice, truthful, sincere and caring...and also for who are yet to turn to....

Hayaah said...

I'm glad you liked it. Reading you speak is my reward, because it allows me to feel that I did not go unheard despite this very blogs existence. It is appeasing to know that others out there, get what I am otherwise mostly babbling away to myself - or so it appears to me in the moment. There is indeed peace in knowing of 'Love', as you so nicely put it, existing out there in the Big Bad World of ours, Today.

'profundity' is one of my favourite words, and I loved reading it! (this bit perhaps is what I should have enclosed with in a -by the way-)

0= )

Thanks again, for dropping in, making the time. Always enjoy reading you respond...

Best wishes,