Thursday, 13 January 2011

From Ripples to Peace

Sturdy ripples of doubt, sometimes visible and sometimes not, linger... With every breath she assures herself it will be alright. With every anxious thought, she starts murmuring to the self, ''Hasbey Allaho Waneymal Wakeel, Hasbey Allaho Waneymal Wakeel....'', incessant chants to appease the whirlpool of all that is negative and questioning with in her being. A silent hand takes hold of her and walks her through the insipid moment. Faith is reinstated, affirmed, foundation strengthened, momentary peace sought and claimed. Assuaged spirits, since left to the exposure of mankind and deviling's abound, find themselves huddled into corners of grief and pain every so often. The mind wonders, ''Yet again, I am here - Why? Must I fall short over and over? Is not my triumph over the last time a badge of assurance that I have passed the test and do not need to travel the roads of finding myself over again?'' Apparently not. Each success, seems to be a lesson on its own no matter how much of a resemblance it holds to the new one. Each lesson remains unique and demanding, to be tested through an exam entirely its own. Thus with each doubt, each question, every faltering anxious moment we may ever face and survive, we are to be tested afresh. Gauging with the help of our yesterdays we can hope to find ease, but no guarantees. In knowing that there lurk ahead many a tests to come still, we allow ourselves to be human, and remain in grace of our Ever Magnanimous Ever Omnipotent Maker. We also allow ourselves to fall short, when we do, knowing that there is hope of forgiveness from an Ever Forgiving All Knowing Maker. Under His Ubiquitous Shade lies abundant peace, In His Remembrance lies hope, in His belief come to a semblance of rest the ripples of all natures and ambivalent tests...


Sanaa said...

It only gets harder, but it doesn't really matter when we're under His protection :D.

Hayaah said...

Hmm... I wonder why you would say the 1st part though. What perhaps answers that question, or abates the mystery of your saying it is, if we know what -IT- is that gets harder... For when I rambled above, I was speaking not of any particular -IT- while saying that some -IT'S- definitely are harder, and some not so much if we traverse them with the help of previously prevailed over one's. Comprendes? 0=)

Sanaa said...

“God will not leave the believers in the state in which you are now, until He shall separate the wicked from the good.” (Quran 3:179)

So hence yes, hold on tight! <3
Je comprends absolument.

Hayaah said...

Holding on tight does have it's bounties. I think I may have just been rewarded. Update ye tom tom's when we speaks, inshaAllah :)

<3 u,