Tuesday, 21 December 2010


When we are consumed with what goes on around us. When we remain fixated on the us. When the voices that we hear are only our own and totally phase out are the ones that speak to us. When everything around becomes us, me, my and I. When things start misfitting. When nothing seems right. When all fails to uplift. When everything becomes a question. When all around you starts fading into a blur, the heart seems to wish to shut down on those that should matter, everything spins, when we force out fake grins. When we discreetly wipe away the tear before it starts to trickle down cold cheeks, and when we quieten ourselves before hurting words spill out. When our hand moves out but is left hanging still in air. When our embrace is not returned and our person is brushed aside in in-consequence. When we fail to identify the cause of our distress but remain sure of distress itself. When we give up as we tire of thinking... thoughts spinning... voice all ours, ringing... to a hope, desperately clinging...  Decease Noise!


Saibal Barman said...

Very thoughtful...Silence is the finest form of music that treasures all dins into one chest of dead gems of waves...it holds the suspense of being...the birth...the death...and the thread between...the illusory forms of real feel of life…or maybe, sinking into deepest depth of lifelessness--a long dream of creating and recreating rhythms out of noises and noises out of rhythms….while being perpetually confined in tragic metamorphoses of one into another while neither one is no more than nothing….
Yet, it goes on amazing when everything becomes a question…and, there leads to the truth…the greatest void of silence… the truth lies no far than the lie…it only dreams differently…of making the illusions fairer…soother…not so suffocating to that one hears on noises….noises of own wailing soul…

Hayaah said...

''...while being perpetually confined in tragic metamorphoses of one into anther while neither one is no more than nothing... the truth lies no far than the lie...''

Dear Sir,

Hope you've been well, inshaAllah. As always, I loved having you drop by, especially more so because you had something to add to my voice. I confined my fav. parts of your lines, in italics above. Your rendition seems to be the reflection of my post Noise; Your's entitled (if I may dare to take the liberty to do so, Silence.