Saturday, 18 September 2010

But Why?

Some people get taken away, far too soon for us mortals to find acceptable.
In our weakness, we sometimes lament, reminisce, and question the justice behind it.
In our limited understanding, we find no reason good enough to pacify our hearts that throb in pain, far too much at a loss to be able to understand in entirety this seemingly unfair mystery.
In our undying faith of a Maker Just and All Knowing, we put to rest our qualms and questions, and in Him we try to find peace from a turmoil wretchedly wrought within us.
In His Promise, we lay to rest His beloved child's soul - our brother, our son - praying he is at peace with Him in a place beyond compare, that a human soul could only aspire for... 


A tear we wipe in remembrance
Of your eyes smile and spirit that still live on...
A tear we wipe as we pray for you

For in many hearts you are -Alhumdulillah- as if you were never gone!


Joshi Mukard said...

very touching. Yes God takes some people away from us far too soon. We can only believe they are happy in the other world.

Hayaah said...

Thanx for stopping by Joshi.
Apologies for this late response. Life gets a surreal sort of busy sometimes :)