Sunday, 5 September 2010

All Has Drowned [Sab Doob Gaya Hai...]

* Inspired by the song, 'Doob Gaya Hai' , which was composed in the after math of the recent floods in Pakistan , by a Pakistani band called, Laal.

He, She, They, and Them
Little eyes fogged
Be-swept and torn by the mayhem
Futures on hold and today's unsure
A past barely long enough
To be in a story told...

Begging, pleading for a salvage of sorts
Unheard voices gone limp and cold
Morsel like shreds of dignity
Perhaps their died out hearts behold
Old and able, scared and torn
Restlessly await their rationed turn

Assuaging whatever little
Their hands can gather
In their hearts memories scattered
Lips listlessly begging and praying
Eyes scoping darkened space
All lives searching for a place together

Help arriving in bits and pieces
But not enough; time medic aid or peaches
To have saved the people or places
That now in stillness show their faces
And remains of those who gave up...
Yet still the few it did manage to reach out to
In their reprieve are small graces

Compassion for ones own kind
Human bodies surpass shrines
Doctrines politics currency or borders
Nothing seems like a tall order
When lives remain wanting at stake
Statistical data recording their fate

What will it take for us to wake?
What will it take for us to wake?
To be finally awake?
To be finally awake?
Before everything breaks
To be finally awake...

**I'd also like to share another great effort by Lyricist/Rapper, ''Sabotage'' , called United We Stand (Pakistan Charity Single) . For more information check out their official Facebook Page .

***UPDATED (7th September 2010, Tuesday - 4:52 am)
Another heart wrenching compiliation:

'Hear Your Call' a charity single released by Sami Yusuf. All profits will go towards Save The Children's emergency relief efforts in Pakistan. Please help donate to the cause.

Support the cause here:

Also available on

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