Saturday, 28 August 2010

To Have Lived?

When you allow yourself to be touched by the mist of misery that exists around you - the misery that you feel entirely helpless against, to do anything to help abate it from around you - that is when your hope to live in this ruthless brutal world diminishes... Your dreams to live long enough to see the beauty that this world and its people have to offer, start taking the form of clouds... Clouds full of hypocrisy, ephemeral facades comprising of divine mirages that are not the longed for oasis one needs to quench their thirst with; rather just clouds that are ready to burst upon you - else cocoon you - based on which state your spirit is in, in that moment.

To go back into the vacuum of the mind where in just you exist, or to live with your eyes and ears open - all senses alive and functioning - allowing you to see the realities that exist beyond your self?

To have catered to your own needs; is to have lived?


To feel for another, their pain, grief, happiness; is to have lived?

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