Friday, 25 June 2010

What Women Want

A post written for the current BlogAdda contest...

What women want is to not be invisible in the lives of those who matter to them. They wish to be seen, heard, felt, appreciated, respected, protected...

What's important before knowing about 'what a woman wants', is to find out what part of her life is she at in that moment of time, to gauge her state of need, and there in find clues to her 'want'.

A Woman...

- to her father wants to be seen no less than a son; who can help him when age/life catches up with him, and he needs a younger helping hand.

- to her mother wants to be all that her mother was to her, and then some more, to make up for what she could not be.

- to her brother wants to be a partner in crime, no less than any other tough cookie out there.

- to her sister wants to be everything soft, strong, respectable, dependable and the best secret keeper ever.

- to her husband wants to be the other half that makes up for all that he lacks, while hoping he too completes her missing parts to make their union of souls fit just right.

- to her children wants to be the safest place to fall back on.

- to the world wishes to be seen as just another able body that exists, instead of having to compete beside a male counterpart in order to prove her worth and then some.

A woman is the other end of the spectrum of a man. She wants to be seen as nothing less, nothing more, and yet, as everything.

A woman wants what her life demands of her at the time, irrespective of exceptions that exist to the rule - just like exceptions exist for all rules!

A woman wants the unnecessary, the ridiculous, the oh my god are u kidding me, and everything or anything else whack, when she is PMS-ing [trust me, she confuses her own self even, in this state].

A woman wants, just like any other human being out there, to find peace, happiness and contentment while she walks this road called 'Life', alongside her myriad of relationships abound.


Sadiya said...

Its very well summed up! good luck!

Hayaah said...

Thanx for reading and the vote of confidence!
Appreciate your popping in to read and comment:D

Vinita Santhosh said...

so true.. very well written..

Minstrel Incognito said...

well said!!!! :) completely true..:)Esp the PMSing part.. ;)

Hayaah said...

Thanx ladies.

The PMS-ing deserves an essential mention me-thought because I baffle myself with my reactions over the most mundane things in most inane ways O_O