Tuesday, 15 June 2010


(* Disclaimer: I know I am PMS-ing as I write this. Some of this I feel. Some of this I am past. Some of it usually doesn't bother me too often any more; But oh well, it's a post thus, nevertheless. The song was a timely share from my sister that I chose to add here)


''You can Do It, come on!''
I am tired of that song
I have sung it for so long

''I will Be There, I will!''

Almost thirty in a few
Not even near it yet still

''I can Do It, without any help!''
It's been a constant case of
Blatantly, me defying myself.

Rotund is how I feel on the outside; Ugly for the world to see.
Full of heart and so much to give on the inside; Useless in this world of peeps.
Health to maintain is a struggle of mine; Contentment is what this heart pines.
Hereafter I so desperately seek; 

For an unbiased reflection of who or how my soul is supposed to be defined.


Anonymous said...

I love you

- Nammo just wanted to comment didnt want to make an id for it

Hayaah said...

I love you too .O_O.

Appreciate the comment my naanday

Maria said...

I know it's d blues.so wat I say might not help.but still ur one of the most coolest,wittiest n original ppl I know.

Hayaah said...

Soul sisters exist out there in plenty.
U're from my fond bunch of few, sweets!


Having been thankful for the blessings of such as you, the soul still pines for a something something inexplicable just yet...