Thursday, 10 June 2010

Those Yesterday's Lies

The chorus of the song took me to times of my own; times when the lies were okay with me because I was too naive to see through the reality of what they really were...

It's a place where in we numb the natural ability of our senses to gauge right from wrong, and refuse to listen to that nagging silent incessant prodding finger that keeps poking us in the back as a warning until it is either too late to go back, or the hurt, the pain and the scars have already warped themselves all around - all abound.

The chorus took me to that place... A reminder which looking back in retrospect, makes me wonder in bewilderment about how closed minded we can become in that phase of life; how willfully blind and intricately myopic.

A beautiful in the moment, yet utterly sad place to be looped with in, these lies of yesterday... I pray for them to never be my today's ever again.

(I originally wrote this for another song, but replaced it with the current song above, because the intensity of the love a person feels for another, is ripping in the singer's voice; she sings the emotions out as intricately as I feel them myself through tears that treckle down my cheeks in reminders of those times past. When one can be a love lorn fool, unaware of the realities of real life, immersed in the depths of a painfully honest, mostly -sadly- a one sided emotion.)


nauky said...

good track.

Pink is awesome.

Hayaah said...

Thanx nauky

No comments on the post though? :P

Btw... is -nauky- who Ive always known before as -nauk-? :D