Saturday, 12 June 2010

''I'' Know Everything!

Most of us ''know'' things, and ''what'' we know, most of us think, is ''it''; that what ''we'' know is the complete form of ''it'', the most ''it'' could possibly be!

What we forget, most of us that is, is that this world and its vastness has always something MORE to offer. Knowing all of ''it'', no matter what ''it'' may be or who ''you'' may be, is simply not possibly...

So perhaps the next time you pass out an ostentatious comment which may (or not) reek of obnoxiousness or an uncalled for retort; STOP.

Think about it and be a better human being by acknowledging that the other person ''just'' MIGHT know something more, or perhaps be ''seeing it'' from another place which ''you'' can't (for now at least). In accepting your 'human' incapability to KNOW IT ALL, you don't become 'un-human'. You do though, accept the fact that you are only but 'human', and just that; nothing more nothing less.

I was able to stop myself today, Alhumdulillah.

Were you?

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