Monday, 28 June 2010


The beauty of words is lost in a silent battle of sorts, between who gets to wear the crown today. It is all well and good to keep our ideas and expressions rolling, inspired by an endless pool of inborn talent that exists around us, instantly available at the tip of our fingers. But it is when -Tom, Dick and Harry- make a run for an invisible line that marks their win, going all a gong in the race to cross the line first, come what may; this sometimes not just gets ugly - it also makes the avid lovers of the world of intricate words, find a distaste in the meanderings which all and sundry have gotten about to, in general. I kind of feel lost in some crowds, where in there are simply far too many Jacks of all Trades and sadly Masters of none. Perhaps this opinion is a bit too harsh? Lets just say very few Masters have surfaced amidst this foam that is apparent, cast from the implicit waves that crash out onto the certified shores, parched and rabid like in their novial rush to stand out - by hook or by crook; all else be damned! The stigma of I'll scratch your back only if you'll scratch mine, is killing the veracity of the language in use - where in there is no citation anymore of what it is that used to make for an authentic, and a unique good reading experience. Anything goes and everyone has become a prolific master of the pen keyboard/pad; dare you even suggest think otherwise! All this makes one who enjoy(ed)s such literary pleasures, quietly remove them self from this madding crowd of sorts, and go off in search of a pasture that feels more like home; where in one wouldn't have to recoil and shiver while witnessing unabashed sacrilege of a beautiful language. In my humble opinion, coercion in such matters just does not do; not for me atleast!

To each his own and thus, in a temporary silence of sorts, one must recede.


Mohan said...

Life is full of learnings and every day is a new opportunity to learn something new... Can't agree more!

Hayaah said...

Like someone somewhere said, ''We Live We Learn''.

Thanx for stopping by :)

magiceye said...

wow! can understand your rage!

Hayaah said...

Glad im not alone in feeling so :)