Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sensitized Senseless Senses

Originally written through the course of the following dates: 20th Sept, 1st Oct (2009), and 8th Feb (2010).

Her hair caressed the bare of her back and she was transported to imaginations manifolds, with senses awakened beyond control.

Rude awakenings these, of reminisced thoughts so bold, but of a time in the real past; very old.

These senseless reminders clashed with a stark reality that in comparison was nothing but severely lonely and lonesomely cold...

As her hair caressed the bare of her back, she went back into a time - revered and loathed - then coerced herself back to a state of cleansed and humbled abode!


ommarah said...

that is terrifyingly harsh...real..almost scary..well written yaar

Hayaah said...

Thanx... Its one of my personal fav's too.

The fact that it moved you in some way, is very humbling :)