Friday, 16 April 2010

Chances (Inspired by the movie, The Blind Side)

Song lyrics (click/copy paste link to access):

Angels exist in the forms of humans out there. They exist in you and me. We have the power to make the smallest and the biggest of difference in the life/lives of (an)other soul(s). That power of being able to care for another, aside for ourself; to be able to care for another for no other reason than to simply care...

The beauty of that is surreal! The ability to do that, a gift from our Maker; to be able to do the bits of angels!

''Chances are the fascination
 Chances won't escape from me
 Chances are only what we're living
 And all I need''


Linda S. Socha said...

Beautiful! Well said. Love your blog...

Hayaah said...

Hi Linda!
I love you for loving it :)

Thanx for being a constant supporter of my sometimes lucid, sometimes lost thoughts... Totally appreciate it.

I hope and pray things in life @ your end, are well and good, in sha Allah (By the will of God) :D