Monday, 1 March 2010

Fat/Skinny people are not humanoids!!!

People ask you, ''Have you ever thought about losing weight?'' or some other variation of the same question...

Now Ive been asked this many a times by people who have just the right look of concern on their face, and the right tone of voice while asking.

My question is, what makes you think that I don't have a mirror at home, or a brain in my head? What makes people think that other people DONT know how to see fat from thin and healthy from unhealthy? Is it their own lack of rationale? Is it their lack of tact?

I personally WOULD NEVER comment on a person's SIZE, unless that person themself asked me something related to it. No matter WHO it was to me, or wasnt!

I find it extremely rude of people, educated civilised beings, to refer to people -be it in a state of anger or its likes- as fat or skinny, in a derogaratory way. Fat or skinny is a state, not a mental frame of mind or foul term. I take it personally? Yes. I am fat. My mum is fat. Many in my family are fat, many are not. I know the struggles that it comes with. Ive seen some get past it. Everyone who is fat, most certainly KNOWS that they are, and dont need to wear a poster on their head that says they know so, as if its a plague and everyone around them is in danger of catching it!

Do people not have anything of substance to talk about, instead of asking you if you have tried to lose weight? I believe that is a question best left to the dietician and doctor who we CHOOSE to go see, as and when time and circumstances allow us to afford it.


Anonymous said...

lol @ post.
and second, I soooo agree. I never have appreciated comments about my size...height, color, hair etc.

Ppl need to do their own deal and lay off.

Hayaah said...

Tell me about it!
It extra pisses me off, when people are narrating their anger at someone, and they refer to people as old, fat, skinny, and anything else personal!

Grr :@