Thursday, 21 January 2010

Wily, Elusive, Non-existent?

Intellectually Captivating and Stimulating... Verbally Articulate with Clean Pleasing Manners... Staunch Faith in Allah and His Pillars... if you so exist, why do u refuse to come into my life. If you DO exist in my life, why must your needs/requirements be on a tangent?

Grrr :@

What you are is Wily, Elusive and Non-existent!!!


Meena said...

When you find him, send me the younger brother please :-)

ommarah said...

Hehe there is such a lack of decent men out there that can comepletely relate to what Mayra is saying!
Sometimes I really wonder -if these continous introductions are really leading anywhere -I just dont get what the delay is -and for fabulous girls like u -you guys should have been snapped ages ago -but to that lovelies I say -the time will come -and we will look back on this and have to admit -we were sad'os:)

Hayaah said...

LOL... well Meena... sometimes siblings are a world apart from each other... lets hope that when and IF i ever do, that he has a friend/brother, just LIKe him ;)

Ommy, thanx for the 'fabulous'! *sigh* Well, the post was most definitely a rant. When sober, and you know how I mean when I use that word :P, I do know that everything happens for a reason and nothing can happen before its designated time to happen! So yea, iA may we find the patience to wait out the time, and find the peace and contentment to fill our hearts with the time in between and thereafter, Ameen!

ps. What's sad'os? Is that like sad = english plus 'os... like we put a character to ourselves being sad beings? like the urdinglish sad'os when said out loud???