Friday, 18 December 2009

Their Shoes Will Never Be Yours

Don’t presume - it’s useless and or misguiding,

You haven’t for the remotest bit stepped into their shoes.

What it feels like, second by second,

Only 'he' knows, and only with in 'her' heart mind soul it is with held.

Intricate memories, from before until now,

Similarities possible, but totality’s far too individual to be unshelled.

You have yours, and they theirs,

Compare not what you can simply never begin to even comprehend.

For you have not been in THEIR shoes,

You can only always just reach out for an estimate with your own comprehension.

You to yours, they to theirs; Let live all in peace abound,

Their return or yours; at its time - Shall matter not on any accounts.

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