Sunday, 11 October 2009

Unthread Beads...

Demons are hidden in the chests of everyone who on this earth remain on to breathe.
Those who refuse for it to be so have either become proficient at repressing them and know it, or are simply in denial.
Some have learnt to get past them, and make something better out of their lives.
Others have learnt to go on inspite of them, struggling on despite them.
Many have lost and returned to their Maker Absolute and Infinite
Those who live on, asides from the 'some', the 'others' and the 'many'...

... They are those who refuse for it to be true, have become proficient at repressing them and are simply living on in the bliss of denial.

This world exists on a parallel frame.
One of happiness and the other its opposite.
In the middle is a space undefined but changeable,
one that is whatever we can make of it,
with the not so goods and the not so bads.
It is in our own hands where we put ourselves on this frame
inspite and despite all our odds or evens in life,
and that decision of ours is what makes or breaks us.

- Perhaps...

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