Saturday, 3 October 2009

Mutli-faceted Rape...

'They' raped away her childhood...
When she was too innocent, too scared.

He raped away her dreams...
Perhaps she did his too albiet at that time, unaware.

He raped away her friendship...
When her heart for him she had laid out completely bare.

He raped away her worthiness...
Coercing her to falter into places she had dreadfully despaired.

She breathes on today and waits
For memories sour to go away
In prayer she cries and berates
Herself for all that she has fared
She seeks an absolution enormous
That only Allah can offer to spare
And in that hope she cries
And in that hope she prays
For her yesterdays to be cleansed
From their memories ghastly and bent
And for her to be able to forget them
Bury them forever and no longer for them ache or care.
~ Ameen...

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