Saturday, 31 October 2009

I want to...

I want to walk down different pathways
with the wind of freedom in my hair
walk down pebbled footpaths in bliss
not caring who or who not may be there

I want to breathe in the country air
where castles of old still stand
I want to see the sheep that walk their lands
wool on their bodies; bleating their songs as they stare
I want to watch the sun rise and the sun set
from every place that I possibly can
take pictures with my camera small
and capture their marvel for a memorable times of spare

I want to step out and walk under the sky
free as a bird that in the sky at its own will flies
Be able to take all the beauty of this world in
and treasure it all before this world I leave and am no more here

I want to feel the sand in my toes
and silently watch the ocean re-treat
breathe in the heady scents of life around me
and to their music let my heart skip in little beats

I want to walk as many lands as I can
with the wind of freedom in my hair
Take in all the beauty of this life around me; freely
in all forms that it exists without a worldly care...


Anonymous said...

meee tooo!

Hayaah said...

Ah! That'd be a dream come true now, would'nt it :D