Friday, 18 September 2009


I wish for a someone to look at me
Like someone did once before
A very long, long time ago

I wish for a someone to make me feel belonged
When he would look at me
Like for me he had been waiting all along
For me he had been made,
He had been made as my someone, and I his…

And so,

I keep wishing on for my someone
Who has been wishing for me too
For when we meet one day
We would know the wait has been worth it
The wait to find each other after so much
 So very much is due
It’s time now we recognize each other
Put aside whatever it has been keeping us away
And walk over to each other finally
See in each other what we have been wishing for
Since a long long time now,
having not before ever found
What would make it feel right
as it only ever could with the one
to whom I would too one day surely belong
to whom one day I would surely belong
to whom surely one day I would belong…

(…iA, Ameen.)

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