Saturday, 11 July 2009

Her heart cries...

I feel like I’m leaving a piece of my heart behind
In a place where I am not to return or to find
a peace of mind, where things would fit
and puzzles completed would no longer writhe
about so lost and achingly, to feel belonged
up until time untold, and not for mere moments
in which two hearts feel temporarily whole…

Two hearts that are to forever be on hold
Two hearts so in sync only to never leave their threshold
Two hearts that must beat, continue on to be whole
No matter their distance, or what life for them withholds
Two hearts that met and in a heartbeat got swept
Two hearts that in memories will forever enfold
All that was, could have been, and so much more,
Keep them locked they will,
Forever hidden, deep inside of their very souls…


Anonymous said...

why so sad?

Hayaah said...

Loneliness Galore and reminisced over and over untiringly...