Sunday, 10 May 2009

At the behest of my own sanity...

Surreal tenderness in his eyes
of a promised tomorrow that cannot be

Shared moments to be treasured
leave in their wake battered emotions escaping suffocation

Sheer elation that is to pass
in cascades unique that for now envelop me

Block my mind from reasoning
and sear deep in my heart a meticulous engraving of you

A sanctimonious perfection of being;
I attend to the lonely behest of my own sanity to save me...


Athene said...

If loneliness had not killed me a thousand times,
would I be able to dream of a joyous tomorrow?

Meena said...

Don't give in. Remain strong :-)

Hayaah said...

Athene: You say that beautifully! But it still makes me wonder if those thousand killings leave any room for dreams, eventually, in the entirety of their perfection that they were initially? o_o

Meena: I really am trying hard to. Being human can be a beatch =| What hurts is being reminded that u're human, and no matter how strong u may think u've gotten, life throws reality in ur face at the least expected of times and tests u all over again. I am terrified of breaking the promises I make to myself and my Lord! O_O