Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Escape my Entropy

Dejected, Broken,
I want not to be,

I look up to the skies
to seek from such pain a reprieve,

These hopes, my wishes
continue to shatter me,

Their ache, unfulfillment,
ensues to scatter me,

Lost and lonely, often I find myself,
To words I then turn
and lose myself in their anonymity....


Sharing thoughts, helps but a little,
hollown embers continue to sear endlessly,

Something to fill a gap, an answer perhaps,
from this unknown abyss I wish to be set free,

Remove the anguish from quests futile,
find a person worth my trust, and with him be

able to share my soul, with such a he- who wants it,
Find a meaning to my life and escape my entropy...


Natalie said...

That is very sad, but beautiful too.x

Hayaah said...

Thank you Natalie...
x's are always welcome :)