Monday, 2 February 2009

His t-shirt

Four years later I dug into my past
reminiscing of all that was gone
his t-shirt I found and in it I gowned
and decided that in it today I would sleep

To remember how peaceful it was
when he loved me like only he did
To remind myself of what love felt like
when given unabashedly, like he did
To feel that warmth surround me again
for one night in his arms, I want to remain
To forget reality in all its ugliness
and think of bliss that I had in his presence
To go back in time and look into those eyes
that spoke to me as they shined into mine

I whiff it to smell and seek in it his scent
Alas! it is gone as has he, and reality I face
but still in his t-shirt I remain gowned
for this one night today as I go to sleep...


saimasays said...

Dear Hayaah, It is okay to re-live the past now and then, for it reminds us of the faith we must keep in our future. And remember, it is better to have loved and lost, then to never loved at all.

Hayaah said...

A believer of that adage, I am too :)

Thanx for visiting my blog... The story of your life sounds quite interesting (I jst quickly browsed earlier)... iA, I will be checking into ur blog asap and comment accordingly :)

His Sweetheart said...

If that's your own writing, I would take a bow for you!!!

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Hayaah said...

aww @ the bow :) Seriously? Thanx ;)

And to answer ur qstn; yes, indeed those were my words, of my heart and mind that came out during a moment felt...

His Sweetheart said...

Again and again


Hayaah said...

Ur enthusiam is humbling :)

thanx... i believe it means something to u, to have affected u so poignantly? = o

ommarah said... re-live the past is easy. Close your eyes on focus. Smiles, feelings, smells all light up the mind for a few seconds -only to turn off and leave us cold. If living the past was truly good for us perhaps it would have been possible?:P

Hayaah said...

he he...
I gess :)

but we do for a moment or two or some, go back in parts... to re-live moments happy and sad... I try to go back only for the good ones :)

enigma said...

this is beautiful!!!!loved it!!

Hayaah said...

Thank you enigma and welcome to my blog :)

Your name sounds familiar and you're a follower I notice. Thank you for your kindness! I cant remember too well, if you've commented on any other entry, cos ur sign in name sounds a little familar :)