Thursday, 27 November 2008

Hell Fire Burns So Scathingly Close

From the calm of my room I try to calm the beat of my heart that beats in sync with the hearts of those who cower and hide and run and plead for help, from there, where help is so near and yet not there still in all entirety.

It beats with the hearts of those who bear the brunt of the unknown that resides with in the walls of buildings under siege. Lives that are lost starting from one, then led on to another one... then one more... and more... and so on... for how long?

Today it's in Mumbai... back a few days and it was blasts across the border... then one across the seas and then over seas... where next?

Innocent lives being avenged for WHAT? This death, this fight, this hate, of man against man... To what avail? To what achievement? What is it that lost souls aim to append?

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