Sunday, 18 February 2007


The world looks at you
and see's your smiling face.
A smile that hides behind it
so much disgrace.
That smile you show
is that your real face?
You know better, there's so much heart ache!
A smile on show, a smile for who?
What you're hiding, there's not a clue.
Your smile, it's bright and it's pretty.
What's really inside, is your self-pity....
That smile is on, always aglow,
How long can it hide all that you know?


ommarah said...

My goodness..that smile you show that your real face and how long can it hide all that you know...deep...sometimes we become such great actors that only our realy near and dear know we r times we can even fool them..but fool ourselves we cant..sometimes I wish we could..would make life easier ;)

Hayaah said...

But then that would be denial, no?
I dunno if Id like to be in denial, per se.
I would like to have the ability to pick, shred and dispose some parts of the past though, that make forgiving hard, therefore making fogetting impossible. To be able to forgive nevertheless, is the true test. To fight on to compete in this test, is when that smiling begins its journey...

Wow... u really went back into the older posts with this one...

*truly humbled*